Small business loan

Small business loan
Any loan used for small investment on existing or new small business activities liked, grocery shop, motor repair shop, tailor shop, food shop and related shops.
• Loan methodology: individual or solidarity group
• Currency: Khmer Riel (KHR)
• Loan size: Minimum size from 50,000 KHR to 1,000,000 KHM for solidarity group and individual loan with minimum amount 50,000 KHR to client’ request and ability.
• Loan term: 3 month to 12 months for solidarity group and up to 24 month for individual loan.
• Interest rate: all loans are provided with competitive, flexible and reasonable rate
• Payment method: we are providing to meet client’ business cycle and client request.

General requirement for loan

Age of majority
Residence at a permanent address
Recognize by local authority
Agree from spouse or household members to access the loan
Good character and  background with the reference checks

Posse income-generating activities (formal or informal)
Realistic and profitable business plan
Ability to form group guarantee

Ability to provide guarantor(s) with  collateral sufficient to guarantee payback of the loan amount

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