Agriculture loan

Agriculture loan

Any loan used for inputs or expenditures on agricultural purpose such as, animal raising, fertilizer, agricultural equipments & machinery, seeds,  labor hiring and related activities.

Loan methodology: individual or solidarity group

•  Currency: Khmer Riel (KHR)
•  Loan size: Minimum size from 50,000 KHR to 1,000,000 KHM for solidarity group and individual loan with minimum amount 50,000 KHR to client’ request and ability.

•  Loan term: 3 month to 12 months for solidarity group and up to 24 month for individual loan.

•  Interest rate: all loans are provided with competitive, flexible and reasonable rate

•  Payment method: we are providing to meet client’ business cycle and client request.

General requirement for loan
• Age of majority
• Residence at a permanent address
• Recognize by local authority
• Agree from spouse or household members to access the loan
• Good character and background with the reference checks
• Posse income-generating activities (formal or informal)
• Ability to form group guarantee
• Ability to provide guarantor(s) with collateral sufficient to guarantee payback of the loan amount

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